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Life without Dentures!

All On 4

Life without dentures
Life without dentures

All-on-four is a treatment option which is offered to patients that are missing all of their top or bottom teeth, and are unable to tolerate a full denture.  Over time full dentures become loose as the pressure of the denture on your jaw gradually wears away bone and soft tissue, especially towards the back of your mouth.  Ill fitting dentures can make it difficult to chew and to bite into hard foods.  

In the past patients who have been wearing full dentures for some time have been unable to have implants without first having bone grafting procedures.  The All-on-four technique developed by Dr. Palo Malo in Lisbon has changed this.  The technique involves placement of four dental implants towards the front of your mouth where your bone is more dense and able to accommodate implants.  The implants act as anchors for your new teeth, which will be fixed into your mouth permanently. 

The procedure is planned by obtaining a 3D scan of your jaw.  This allows us to determine the most appropriate location for each of the four implants.  The implants are placed into your jaw at a morning appointment.  When you return in the afternoon we will have adjusted your denture so that it can be attached to your implants.  These are temporary teeth but you will find that they are much more secure in your mouth than your removable denture.  These teeth are left in place for six months to allow time for your jawbone to grow around the implants, locking them firmly in place so that they will support your new teeth. 

After six months we will start to fabricate your final restoration, this will be completed over approximately four visits so that your new teeth fit exactly to the contours of your mouth.